Server Did The Sweetest Thing When This 3-Year-Old Tried To Pay For Family Dinner With Her Barbie Card

Does anybody remember that point in our lives when we were kids, we just wanted to grow up and live an adult’s life so we could get all the freedom?

But little did we know the problems of adult life, if we did, we would never want to grow up. Now we realize adult life actually sucks. Playing house was easier than owning one.

So, there’s this waiter who works at a family restaurant, and he is known as @richhomiewen on Twitter. He shared an incident on Twitter. It was about interacting with a sweet 3-year-old little girl, who was at his restaurant along with her family.

This little girl would keep a barbie credit card with her all the time. When the bill arrived, she took out her card and tried to pay the bill with it, and Wen (the waiter) took the card and decided to play along. He made a fake invoice which showed that the bill had been paid and she’s going to have to sign the invoice now. And she can leave a tip too if she wants so that she can feel like an adult. How adorable!

And guess what? She gave real money as a tip to the waiter! Yes, she gave him $3.

After that, the tweet went viral, and people absolutely loved what the waiter did. I mean, how can you not!? That’s so adorable!

Surely we do!

That’s exactly what I thought!

So somebody joked about including the picture of her credit card. Great humor I’d say.

People started to improvise.


Those details! She even noticed the amount of tip that was written on the paper!

It is important for children to learn to tip waiters.

So when are you applying for your barbie credit card?


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