29 Tweets That’ll Make You Laugh Harder Than They Should

Twitter is a funny place. It’s full of witty comments, slick burns and excellent observations about life and they are all quite funny as well as alarmingly accurate. And out of all of them, these are some of the best. Whether they are commenting on funny things people do, (I’m both laughing and slightly freaking out at that clown picture), or just giving us a slice of life, (I now aspire to be the guy who buys all the horses because who wouldn’t), they are all guaranteed to make you laugh harder than you probably should. Take a scroll through our list and tell us which was your favourite in the comments below! And maybe don’t take any ideas from them.

#1. Firstly, there’s this cute little one making random people laugh.



#2. This picture that isn’t what you first think when you see it…


#3. God bless Canada.

Twitter: @miskeencore

#4. Every headline needs to be read out in that man’s voice.

Twitter: @ziwe

#5. I can’t decide whether this is brilliant or scary…


Twitter: @Lejlie 
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