28 Things People Under Age 14 Will Never Believe We Used To Have To Do

A person never wants to believe that they are getting old, and in this day and age even twenty-year-olds sometimes feel old. The technology and the fast paced world has left us amazed and, once in a while, make us remember our old memories.

These 28 things also show that maybe the past wasn’t as simple as everyone suggests:


1. The Lifelong Texting

Via Twitter: @CISNCountry


2. The Mountain of CD Holders

Via thingsmykidswontknow.tumblr.com


3. Keeping Pockets full of Technology

Via Twitter: @_BeYourself_x and Twitter: @ldk1294


4. Typing WWW was necessary

Via Twitter: @blonde_kars


5. No Record Button

Via Twitter: @Kattkuh

6. The Compact VHS Tape’s

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7. The Instant Mail

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8. The Old Google Maps

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9. The Test of Strength

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10. The Instant Gratification

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