26 Of Your Childhood Disney Products That Are Now Worth Bank

Were you a Disney child? Of course you were, everyone has been in love with the colourful animated word of Disney at least once in their life. And usually, being a Disney child came with a bit of a price tag as some of those products are not cheap, despite how cute they were (who said these prices came from the happiest place on Earth?).

If you were a Disney child and you still have all that merchandise you brought back god knows when, now might be your chance to make up some of that capital you spent. How? Some of these Disney products are now worth some serious dough and you never know what you could make of those dusty toys that are just lying around all day (or are they…?). Here’s a list of some of the products now worth big bucks. Have any of these in your collection and want to make some money? Be our guest! 

#1. The Lion King Hop-A-Croc Swamp Game, $137.22. This maybe looks like it should have been a video game…


#2. The Little Mermaid Water Sprinkler, $100. Another reason why it is better down where it is wetter.


#3. Beauty and the Beast Tea Set, $140. How would Mrs Potts react to this?


#4. Darkwing Duck Thunderquack Jet, $275. I’d rather save up to get a real jet honestly…


#5. My Size Talking Ariel Doll, $1,700. For that price she better know every line from the film…

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