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25 etiquette rules that everyone should know

25 etiquette rules that everyone should know

Not everyone abides by basic etiquette.

Not to say that everyone behaves like it’s their first time doing whatever it is that they’re doing, but you simply can’t expect a person to know the correct mannerisms that people used to. Many people even think that the rules of etiquettes are only for old or pompous people. Outdated, even.

In reality, it’s a necessity and a plain good thing to do.

#1 The correct way of paying.

You should pay if you ever invite your friends. However, if it is a mutual gathering, everyone can pay for themselves. A woman can also agree to let the man pay if he offers, but understand that he’s not required to.

#2 Always call first.

Everyone should know this by now. Always call first rather than showing up uninvited. Nobody likes that but we don’t usually say it because we don’t want to seem mean.

#3 It’s rude to be on the phone while in a gathering.

You are out with your friends to spend time with them. Not to spend the whole evening on your phone. It’s very rude if you are seen on Facebook or something similar while someone is talking to you. It can seem like you are not interested in what they are saying.

#4 Pay attention to your date.

This is pretty self explanatory. If you ask someone out on a date. Pay attention to them. They are here because you asked them to be.

#5 Always the coat, never the handbag.

Via Pinterest

It’s seen as inappropriate if a man is seen carrying a woman’s handbag. However, he can take her coat so he can carry it to the cloakroom. Also, he’s not required to do this, so don’t place these expectations on them.

#6 It’s polite to greet.

If you ever see your friend greeting their friend or family while you are walking along, greet them even if you are not familiar with them.

#7 Eating sushi.

Eating sushi can be a bit tricky. Since, it seems like the correct way to eat is with a chopstick. However, if you are not familiar with their use. Rather than looking like an idiot, just use your hand.

#8 Clean shoes.

You should always clean your shows before entering someones house. If they have carpeting, leave your shoes at the door.

#9 Meet the person.

In this day and age, social media is the most important thing. So, it can seem unnecessary to actually meet a person face to face. However, rather than spending long hours on the phone, go and meet the other individual.

#10 Don’t sink to their level.

Other people can be ill mannered and difficult. That doesn’t mean that you have to stoop to their level. If you don’t like how a certain someone behaves, just leave their company.

#11 Woman’s best side.

A man should always walk on the left side of a woman, if they are walking along. The reason for that is so that the man places himself between the woman and the road, keeping her out of harm’s way. The only exception is a military man, as he should always be ready for a salute.

#12 Pay attention to the passers by.

This should be pretty self explanatory and hopefully obvious. You should always pay attention to passers by while you are driving. It is quite unseemly if you splash a person.

#13 Keeping secrets.

Via James Bond

Somethings should always be kept a secret. Those nine things are ‘ Age, wealth, family quarrels, religion, medical problems, love affairs, gifts, honor, and disgrace.’

#14 The correct way of sitting.

You should always sit in the direction where everyone else is facing in a theater. You would stick out like a sore thumb if you sat in a different direction.

#15 Never touch a person without their permission.

It’s legally harassment, and regardless of whether it’s a man or a woman, you should always ask for their permission before you touch them. It’s a small thing, but it’s important.

#16 Don’t reply to rude remarks.

If someone calls or talks to you ill-mannered, don’t answer them. You should be a polite role model to other people so they will not make the same mistake again.

#17 Don’t spritz on too much.

Too much is never good. You are using perfume so you smell fresh not that everyone gags when they come across you. The same goes for makeup. It’s there to enhance beauty, not create it.

#18 Show proper respect to people.

A person should always show the proper respect to other people. They don’t deserve less than you, and they are not beneath you, regardless of their affiliations.

#19 Proper smoking etiquette.

Smoking is generally not a great thing. However, if you must smoke in the presence of someone else, ask for their permission first.

#20 Greet everyone in a room.

You should always greet everyone once you enter a room. Your social standing doesn’t really matter as it is the polite thing to do.

#21 Don’t violate someones privacy.

It has become very easy to violate someone privacy with the invention of Internet. However, a self respecting person should never do so. That includes parents checking their children’s room and girlfriends checking their partners phone.

#22 Don’t chase fashion.

You shouldn’t try to be a carbon copy of everyone else. Be unique and be yourself. Rather than chasing fashion, wear what looks the best on you.

#23 Better yourself.

Everyone makes mistakes. It’s a crucial part of being human. If someone has already forgiven you for your mistake. Don’t repeat the subject. Learn from your mistakes.

#24 Talk calmly and politely.

Don’t talk or laugh too loudly. It’s unseemly to do so. You should always speak in a polite and calm manner.

#25 Appreciate your family.

Via Healthy Life

We can sometimes forget to appreciate the most important people, because of the fast paced world. However it is important to let your loved know that you appreciate their love and support.

“I think much of decency. How to pass a plate. Not to shout from one room to another. Not to open a closed door without knocking. Let a lady pass. The aim of these endless simple rules is to make life better. I pay close attention to my manners. Etiquette matters. It’s a simple and comprehensible language of mutual respect.” – Jack Nicholson


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