23 Things You’ll Get Only If You Met Your BFF Before You Were 16

There are various stages of friendship.

The first phase includes awkward greetings and smiles.
The second stage includes happy greetings and comfortable hugs.
The third stage includes inviting each other to their homes.
The fourth stage is when you can show up uninvited to their homes.
The fifth and final stage is when you call the others’ parents “Mom” and “Dad” and you can have dinner with them without your friend even knowing you’re at their home.

That final stage is what I would call, “the best friend” stage.

If you’re lucky enough to have a best friend, and even more fortunate to have met them before you were sixteen, there are certain things that you will intimately relate to. And I’ve gone ahead and compiled a comprehensive list that I have no doubt you’ll gently text into your bestie’s phone.

#1 You have a lifetime supply of blackmail material


#2 You’ve shared secrets that the mere utterance of could end humanity as we know it


#3 You share a secret language that’s just a mess of inside jokes


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#4 Your conversations are mostly just stories of the most recent stupid thing you did


#5 The raw sense of betrayal when your friend doesn’t remember something you told them

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