23 Hilarious Tumblr Posts About “High School Musical” That’ll Give You Intense Nostalgia

It’s the movie musical to top all movie musicals (it has musical in the name, you can’t make this up), it has romance, it has drama, it has the most catchy songs ever, and most importantly, it has Zac Efron. What more could we want?

Yes, this is High School Musical, the movie that had us all screaming “Wildcats!” at the top of our lungs and filled the dance floor at our school discos when we heard that we were all in this together (or at least that is what I remember). However, now the generation that was enraptured by this movie has grown up, have the memories of this beloved Disney masterpiece disappeared.

Short answer: not a chance.

To prove this, we have a list of Tumblr posts that look back fondly and sometimes hilariously on this modern classic. We have to give a warning though; this list is full of some extreme feels that might require you to get your head in the game…

#1 First, there’s this rather big concern about Chad’s education.


#2 This guide that will see you through life.


#3 If your date doesn’t pass this test, then really, what are you doing there?


#4 This level of drama.


#5 This has just become my worst nightmare.


#6 This test to make sure you don’t go on any bad dates in the first place.


#7 Imagine if this was in the plan…


#8 I don’t think Hamlet was ever this intense.


#9 This one thing that only Kelsey knew. She knew.


#10 This is always the first thing to come to anyone’s mind when they hear this.


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