27 People Who Are The Thinkers Of Their Generation

The rest of us are stuck in 2017.

Everyone likes to be called intelligent. We all have different minds and think in our own unique way. However ‘unique’ doesn’t mean everyone on this Earth is suddenly a God damn scientist.

You ever see someone and think they don’t belong in our time. And, no I don’t mean the time traveller hoax that was on the Internet a while ago. I mean that their thinking is so complex that our puny minds can’t even decipher what they are talking about.

Okay, so I might be exaggerating a little bit. Just a tiny bit though, as you can see the minds of geniuses at work below. They are so far ahead of our time that you might not understand some of these posts. Or you might think they are just stupid.

#1 The best business card on Earth.

Via Twitter

#2 The glasses are a little bit off though. Hey, if you do something, at least do it perfectly.


#3 The easiest grilled cheese ever. And the cheese gets melted. What more could you want?


#4 However, you gotta have long legs for that.


#5 Okay, I have to try this sometime.


#6 Why did I never thought of that.?

#7 Now, that’s what you call multitasking.

#8 That quite a great use for a broken toilet seat.

#9 That’s called being committed to always being lazy.


#10 Who can eat that much cereal in one go.?


#11 I’m not sure about this one’s intelligence.


#12 That going to leave a mark though.


#13 That’s some great advertising.

#14 That is how we all hold the phone when our hands are busy. You didn’t invent something new sweetie.


#15 I don’t like how it looks, but I’m sure it will taste great.

#16 Wouldn’t all surfaces be sticky though?


#17 I tried, but this doesn’t work.

#18 Now, that’s some great thinking.


#19 I honestly give up. Her mother’s thinking is too advanced for me.


#20 How the heck is he going to get down?

#21 That sounds like fun.

#22 Where is the teacher in this class?

#23 That is actually very smart but he kinda looks pregnant.


#24 His backs gotta hurt right?

#25 So you never lose your money in the dark.

#26 Okay, no joke but I’ve been doing this since I was a kid.

#27 He got clean clothes without spending any money.

Via Twitter
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