19 Tiny But Brilliant Inventions That’ve Made The World A Little Bit Better

There’s an age old adage, “If it’s stupid, but it works, it ain’t stupid.” There are people out there who plan for things no one could have expected because we’re already so accepting of how things are that we don’t even try. For example, can you imagine if there was a bench that accommodated those in wheelchairs? What about a table that had a little slot for you to slide your phone into so you wouldn’t spill on it? What about a urinal splash guard?

We’ve all accepted that things are the way they are, that we haven’t considered any possible inventions.

Well, not all of us.

Collected here are nineteen inventions that are so simple and yet so effective, it’s mind boggling how you and I didn’t think of it before.

#1 These tables that have a slot to keep your phone safe from spills



The penny table-top is really attractive, but I honestly think it’s that dickbutt that really pulls the look together.

#2 This bench overhang for those with wheelchairs


It’s so simply put together and so obvious that I’m actually irritated that I didn’t think of it first. At least on this bench, those on wheelchairs will not be hampered by their disability any more than they already are.

#3 This soap that doesn’t turn into a thin, slippery piece of unusable soap


I honestly think that this invention looks better than it is. It’ll snap into two pieces and become exactly that which they were trying to avoid. A slippery piece of thin, unusable soap.

#4 This silent alarm in case of something bad.


The little red blinker will notify the nearby drivers in case something went awry, and they’ll be able to call the police and prevent problems before they happen. For example, if the driver gets carjacked, all he has to do is press a little button and his safety is assured.

#5 This hotel clock that has a display on three sides.


This clock really taps into your inner sloth. You don’t have to turn it to check what time it is, you can simply lay in your bed and glance in its general direction and decide you need another 10 minute nap.

#6 This giant fridge to test winter clothes


Indoors, you can’t really tell how warm the clothes are. Unless the store happens to have a giant metal fridge for you to test the limits of the fabric. Hot damn. Or cold damn, rather.

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