19 Incomparable Dads Who Definitely Win at Fatherhood

Dads have their own way of raising kids and showering immense love. Though most of the mothers won’t approve of “dad’s methods,” still they are kind of adorable in their own way. We have collected some of the exemplary works of awesome dads who have shown that no matter what they will do everything to be their kids’ true heroes.

A tender touch for Dad’s beard.

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Dad would become a ballerina for her little girl.

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This dad truly deserved the crown for what he did for his little angel.

© Calicutie66

What a precious treasure hunt.

© GabbyGooGoo

Dad is the honorable guest.

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Optimus prime has a kid now.

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Finally the Mario lived happily ever after.

© babyology

Elsa has grown a beard and got a bunch of kids, who would have thought that.

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Kudos to this Dad’s courageous act.

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Honey what have you done to your father.

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A healthy routine for all of them.

© thechive

Now they both can hit the road.

© JuanAgudelo

This little girl has the most adorable bear.

© mashaeourso

Now that’s what i call multi-tasking.

© ashleylynnwin

Full body control.

© MarinLazic

What a cute effort.

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A perfect dad for happy dreams.

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When you’re 18 but your dad still loves braiding your hair.

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