17-Year-Old With Crippling Depression Asks r/RoastMe To Roast Him And Things Escalate Fast

Depression can kill you from the inside out.

Even when people with depression aren’t looking for a way out, without anyone to help them or talk to them, it literally makes you a hollow person floating on by as you let your life pass by. Many of us have been in that boat and it physically hurts to see other people experiencing the same thing.

That is probably why when one Russian guy asked reddit to roast him, they didn’t do that even though those users can be savage and brutal.

Why didn’t they do the one thing he asked for? Well, that might be because he has depression and wanted a reason to end it all. So scroll on below and take a look at what these reddit users had to say.

Source: Reddit

When this guy decided to post on reddit.

Rather than doing what he asked for, people actually provided support.

And tried to make him feel better.

While I am well aware that depression is an uphill battle.

It is still nice to see people coming together.

They offered kind words as most of them understood where he was coming from.

Virtual hug indeed.

You can see it in his eyes that he is completely hollow.

Talking to other people can be the best thing you ever do.

And many people don’t understand that depression is tough.

There was also a neighbor in the mix.

Sometimes kind words are all the person needs.

Many people shared their own heart-wrenching stories.

Evidently, depression can take your life and also of the others around you.

A friend in need is a friend indeed.

I second that.

We just have to overcome that struggle and keep fighting on.

A new reddit was created refrencing this guy.

Maybe there is hope for society yet.

I certainly got a lot of hope.

Very true.

What advice would you give someone suffering from depression? Comment down below and let us know.

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