17 Questions Disney Needs To Answer ASAP

Disney movies are the cornerstones of our childhood. They are filled with magic and wonder, and it’s all too easy as a child to get swept up in their fairytale stories. However, what happens when we grow up and re-watch them, we start to see past some of that. And now we have questions. Lots of questions.

And where do we go with those questions? To Twitter of course.

Here, we have a list of some of the questions people have asked that we now really need an answer to. What was Scar’s first name? How old is Mrs Potts really? And why the heck does Tarzan not have facial hair! We need answers!

Take a scroll through this list and see if any of these are questions you’ve wanted answers for all this time. Unfortunately, we can’t give you the conclusive ones – there’s only one higher power that can do that…

#1 First there’s this question which makes you wonder about time travel. How else could it have got there?

Twitter: @ScalponeSM

#2 This would have saved her a whole lot of hassle.

Twitter: @Bothans

#3 Maybe they just enjoy it? Or they sell them?

Twitter: @BehindOnBooks

#4 Tarzan didn’t.

Twitter: @MissyRizzi413

#5 Did she get some pages of a dictionary in her hoard?

Twitter: @freaklikemel

#6 Oh I bet he would have done.

Twitter: @amyxdams

#7 He’s clearly got a good skincare regime. Because he’s worth it.

Twitter: @BriNAYnayJ 

#8 I don’t know, but I still want some.

Twitter: @butneverdoubt

#9 I really don’t want to think about the implications of this…

Twitter: @allieschaal

#10 Maybe other animals speak other languages? The birds might be fluent in Korean for all we know.

Twitter: @DadsQuestions

#11 If they chop hands off for stealing, nipples may not be far off…

Twitter @whiskyGirlscout

#12 Maybe she just looks old for her age? Being a teapot must have given her some grey hairs…

Twitter: @stephwhite4

#13 I’m pretty sure it was garbage.

Twitter: @brentallanb

#14 I really hope so, for Cinderella’s sake…

Twitter: @tgill02

#15 Well when in Rome…

Twitter: @ayswizzzle

#16 That brings up several disturbing questions if they aren’t.

Twitter: @AngelaLoewen

#17 The answer is, she really couldn’t.

Twitter: @ddefrehn


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