17 People Who Got Called The Fuuuuuuck Out

People like lying. They do it so they can get away with things, so that people have a higher opinion of them, and so that they can inflate their ego. It sometimes works in real life, people can lie about things, and their friends will be either too lazy or too naive to correct them, and for a brief, shining moment, they’ll feel important. Thy think that it’ll work on the internet too, that they can lie about it and get away with it.


The internet is an unforgiving, unrelenting, and domineering place. You try to lie, they will find out. It’s only a matter of time.

You’ve been warned, but there are some people who weren’t so lucky. They thought a little harmless white lie won’t do anything, but they thought wrong.

The internet never forgives. The internet never forgives.

#1 This girl said she got a brand new car.
Twitter: @senoviaa_ 

She was brandishing a Volkswagen key while standing in front of a Porsche. I know I’m not a car fanatic, but even I know that you can’t do that. It’d fit in a Lamborghini though.

#2 Showing off their wealth
Twitter: @ethanissavage 

Did you ever notice how it’s never your successful friends posting inspirational quotes on Facebook all day? Just like that, it’ll be your poor friends who try to show off how wealthy they are(n’t).

#3 And speaking of Jimmy John’s…
Twitter: @jimmyjohns 

I can’t be the only one who gets a real kick out of companies throwing shade at each other, can I? It’s hilarious, it’s like seeing teachers diss each other. It’s a strange kind of magic.

#4 “I need to learn how to log out of library computers so people dont post statuses for me”

The cringe in this one is so real. Why would anyone do that? To try and say they have nice hair and flirt a lot? It doesn’t even make any sense and with every comment you read, a little part of you dies on the inside, screaming in agony.

#5 Nutella is Newtella apparently

So Trump became president, bees are going extinct, and Nutella is apprently Newtella. This is like gifs vs. jifs all over again, and I can’t take it.

#6 Trying to judge this girl is trying to touch a hot pan. You’ll get burned.
Twitter: @ShahdBatal

There is such eloquence in this simplicity. Habesh tried to shut down Shahd, in an attempt to invalidate her independence, but she was having none of it. She shut him down in six words.

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