166-Year-Old Technique Results In Breathtaking And Haunting Portraits

Wet Plate Photography was invented in 1851

A photographer from Spain, Jacqueline Roberts, decided to go against the norm. She didn’t want to take traditional, scenic portraits like everyone else. She wanted something more. Something better. It’s called the Wet Plate method, or the collodion process, and it’s an absolutely phenomenal technique. The pictures taken by this method are evocative, and soul-stirring.

They’re just captivating to look at.

Roberts stated:

“For me, wet plate photography is a fascinating process on so many levels. From preparing the chemistry, cutting the glass, flooding the plate, developing and fixing to finally holding in my hands a beautiful glass photograph. I love the ceremonial aspect of it, as much as the craft involved.

I disagree with the common perception that sees children as ‘cute-innocent- creatures’, I find this notion condescending and manipulative. What I love about them is their rawness, their fresh unawareness, their uncompromising ability to be as they are.”

She compiled these photographs into a book called  Nebula. You can show her some love over at her Facebook or her Instagram. She even has her own site.

#1 It’s such a contrast

#2 The innocence of children

#3 It’s juxtaposed with the eerie photography process

#4 But the results are alluring

#5 It’s just fascinating to see

#6 In one way, it looks old fashioned

#7 Probably because the process is old fashione d

#8 On the other hand, old cameras didn’t have this level of detail

#9 You can see every freckle on her face

#10 And the image went through this unique process and it’s just awe-inspiring.

#11 Instagram doesn’t have these filters

#12 It almost looks like an old picture in a dusty frame

#13 But the alluring details are just… Wow.

#14 She even overlayed two images

#15 They’re just so different than what we’re used to that I’m in awe.

#16 The angles, the “filter”, everything.

#17 Roberts has a true eye for photography and art.

#18 Because these images are eerie

#19 Just as they are beautiful

#20 It’s a new way to view things we’re familiar with

#21 Which makes them unfamiliar

#22 They’re captivating

#23 Even the children are excellent models

#24 Their expressions and postures are unlike what anyone’s used to.

#25 And for that alone, Roberts deserves recognition

You can buy her book here.

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