16 Tumblr Posts That Show Just How Hilarious Disney Fans Really Are

Disney Is Life.

Now, that may sound like a statement from a geeky shut-in person. It’s not, at least I don’t think I am like that. Whatever your preference, most people grew up with Disney.  So, we have become accustomed to Disney’s weird cliches.

Many people are addicted to Disney. You might even have one Disney-addict in your lists of friends too. You just never noticed. However, when you mix Disney and Tumblr, something amazing is born.

These Disney-addict Tumblr users seem to have a more keen eye than others. As they seem to notice many little but important things that we rarely even think of. We might have seen these things but we never actually observed the meaning behind them.

Following are the clever deductions made by awesome Disney fans:


#1 Green is always evil. Go ahead and ask any Disney villain.

Via djpaige.tumblr.com


#2 That’s not something I’d like to imagine.

Via unitymanipulator.tumblr.com


#3 The most important character.

Via sherlockismysuicidenote.tumblr.com


#4 That just changed my whole world view.

Via meverb.tumblr.com


#5 That is the most relatable thing from Disney.

Via college-life-crisis.tumblr.com


#6 That is the ultimate truth, If I’ve ever heard one.

Via theuppitynegras.tumblr.com

#7 Who would want to look at Pocahontas when you have John Smith to look at.

Via chalkandwater.tumblr.com


#8 Never trust a stranger with no nipples.

Via the-art-atudent-in-221c.tumblr.com


#9 I don’t think this restaurant will pass Food Health Inspection.

Via poisondancer.tumblr.com


#10 That sounds like the happiest place on Earth to work.

Via imgur.com


#11 That kinda ruins Lion King for me.

Via teppelin.tumblr.com


#12 This just keeps getting more disgusting.

Via imgur.com

#13 Maybe they should have left the workers as furniture.

Via imnightbird.tumblr.com


#14 ‘Fool’ is the word you need to use to seem evil.

Via cyborglovesong.tumblr.com


#15 Staring at the wrong place at the right time.

Via broadway-aradia.tumblr.com


#16 The best life lesson right here.

Via lovingyourworkcowbxy.tumblr.com


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