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15 Situations Every Girl Can Relate to

15 Situations Every Girl Can Relate to

From confusing period pain to literal death, there are many situations girls come across.

Most of them aren’t exclusive to their gender either. But some definitely are. Such as:

Nevertheless, Brightside illustrated a bunch of situations that almost everyone can relate with!

#1 Buying groceries

#2 Misjudging the weather

#3 Learning to say no

#4 Cleaning up only to make a mess

#5 Exercise and the excuses that come with

#6 Communicating with your partner

#7 When surprises go awry

#8 Sacrifices made to look good

#9 Making promises to yourself only to break them the very next day

#10 Eating healthy

#11 Getting 8 hours of sleep

#12 Going overboard with makeup

#13 Looking forward to the weekend only to do the same thing you were doing during the weekday

#14 Self control failures

#15 Looking up to people you can never be

They’re equal parts hilarious and relateable! Definitely got a grin out of me. What about you? Did you like going through these cute little comics?

Source: Brightside

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