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15 Hilarious Parenting Comics That Are Almost Too Real

15 Hilarious Parenting Comics That Are Almost Too Real

Brian Gordon is the artist behind Fowl Language

While the comics involve little profanity, they certainly are hilarious. They revolve around ducks (hence fowl) and they’re absolutely hilarious. As a father himself, Gordon  knows what it’s like to deal with children, and he’s even created some comics inspired from his own life about parenthood.

He stated:

“My comics are largely autobiographical. I’ve got two kids who are four and seven, and often, what I’m writing happened as recently as that very same day. Parenting can be such tedious drudgery, but if it wasn’t also so incredibly rewarding there wouldn’t be nearly so many people on the planet.”

And you can just tell how much he love-hates being a dad!

#1 Welcome to parenthood || Facebook

#2 The complex relationship with food || Facebook

#3 At least noisy ones get caught || Facebook

#4 That’s kinda cool. I mean, it’s not, but you can pretend? || Facebook

#5 You can do whatever you want! “Well, I want sleep!” || Facebook

#6 Next US President || Facebook

#7 As a sibling, I can confirm. || Facebook

#8 They’re effective alarm clocks || Facebook

#9 Like a good wine, it gets better with age. || Facebook

#10 Such low expectations and you still failed || Facebook

#11 And a chronic fear of being called by your full name || Facebook

#12 Princess Vader || Facebook

#13 “Dad, I think I’m dying.” Walk it off. || Facebook

#14 Games must be eventful. || Facebook

#15 Scratchy tags kill. || Facebook

Bonus Father’s Day Comic!

You can show support to Gordon by visiting his website, his Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr

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