13 Survivors Reveal What It’s Really Like to Be in a Coma

  • By Asad Tipu
  • April 16, 2017
  • 16 minutes read

If you remember Jumanji, you’ll recall young Alan Parrish being stuck inside the board game for 26 years. In a way, you could say he traveled through time, into the future, where he no longer had his parents, and the life that he knew was long gone. Comas are somewhat like that. Just imagine, closing your eyes to go to sleep, and waking up days, weeks, months, maybe even years later surrounded by your loved ones, begging you not to die. This nightmare situation is a coma.

Reddit users shared their coma experience

About 13 Reddit users on the AskReddit subreddit talked about what happened to them, before, after, and during the time they were in a coma. These are terrifying and chill sets of stories. I sincerely wish the people who survived this are all doing better in their lives.

#1 House Fire

Reddit user schlike said:

When I was 6, I was in a house fire (17 now). I think i was in a coma for about a month. I remember going to bed the night before (the fire happened in the room I was sleeping in at night). My first memory of waking up i remember thinking everything was normal and had no idea what I had missed. I remember getting this box of letters wishing me well and had no idea the amount of time I had missed.

Further elaborating on this, he said that the coma was caused by smoke inhalation and the burns that damaged his body. He had over ten thousand letters written to him from his entire hometown. He missed his first grade and went back home six months after the accident.

#2 Locked into reality with no control

Reddit user Epic_panda011 said:

I was in a coma, for a week after being in a serious car accident. I suffered 2 months memory loss from the day of the accident, multiple broken bones, fractured skull, broke my jaw and fractured most parts of my face. I woke up in ICU extremely confused and crying and thinking I was still dating my high school boyfriend and I couldn’t understand why he wasn’t with me. But what I do remember from the coma was that I was standing in a white room, it felt like i was waiting for something, but I didn’t know what. But the worst memory was when I was still in a coma and I could feel people hold my hand and I could feel the nurses bathing me, but I couldn’t move or open my eyes, I just couldn’t do anything and it was terrifying!

#3 Week Long Hallucinations

Reddit user matt1519 said:

I suppose I have finally found the ask reddit I can really contribute to however I think this will get buried. 5 day medically induced coma from something similar to meningitis with full memory (hallucinations of reality)

Writing on my phone so take it easy…

It all started with some small headaches in the evenings throughout a week about a year ago. One day I woke up at my girlfriends house, took her to university on my motorbike and made the hour long trip home which I had done hundreds of times. Fortunately, I arrived home safely when my head started to really hurt. As in the worst case of kick in the head ever! I took some painkillers my dad has which were very strong. (Morphine based o think but don’t hold me to it)

Time went past and eventually i tried to lay down, Netflix and chill but the screen was far to bright and all I could do was lay on my back grasping my head in pain which was only getting worse.

From there I’m not really going to be able to tell you much of what happened in reality but I could type all day of what was going on in my head! I’ve told so many people what happens next that I can’t really be bothered to type everything.

I was hallucinating for 5 days straight 24/7. During the day I was having loving and warm hallucinations while my family, close friends and loved ones were around me during visiting hours. But when they had to leave my visions because very dark and completely unbelievable however to me they were extremely convincing.

I’m not talking wavy shapes and fuzzy things. I’m talking genuinely convincing things that were happening to me. As a man of science I was constantly questioning them but It was just so real to me. To the point where I still question if maybe it genuinely did happen to me.

I woke up when I was ready after 5 days in ICU in the top ward in the south of England with a pump doing my heart for me, a tube forcing me to breath, a tube coming out of my manhood about twice the length of… well… you know! My hole family around me, doctors, nurses running around everywhere. I was awake at this point but still having hallucinations although less convincing than during the coma.

I went from being 13 stone to 9 1/2 stone in 5 days and then from 9 1/2 to 9 in the three days after that. Apparently when someone is in intensive care it usually takes 3-5 days in a regular ward for every day you were IN ICU to recover as it can cause PTSD and other damage to people. I was so determined to et back on my feet I was discharged in 3 days. According to the doctor, if he was less busy in the morning and could get round to me earlier I would have been broken records for recovery times.

While I was in the coma I died twice and yes I had the crazy white light experience however not in the tradition tunnel story. I also had out of body experiences. For weeks after I had awful nightmares, really really graphic stuff and some very very emotive nightmares.

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