People Are Praising The 10-Year-Old Who Wrote A Poem About Dyslexia That Can Be Read Backwards

This kid definitely has bright things in her future.

Why is this kid being praised you ask? Well, you see she wrote a poem about Dyslexia that can also be read backwards and reading it backwards changes the whole tone of the poem which is quite surprising.

And we have to remember that a 10-year-old wrote this which makes her a lot more intelligent than most of us. It all started when Jane Broadis, a year six teacher at Christ Church Chorleywood C of E School in Watford, United Kingdom decided to share the poem.

Source: Twitter

This is Jane Broadis, the teacher of the 10-year-old.

She is the one who shared the poem on Twitter.

This is the poem that everyone is in love with.

As you can imagine, people are praising the kid who wrote this.

That is the same question I had.

I actually thought that was it at first too.

But it was a good surprise nonetheless.

Many people could relate to the poem.

And some even shared their own stories.

That she will!

Well done indeed.

And she is definitely gonna be a famous author in the near future.

Never let her forget that.

It’s sad that so many people do this.

Is it so hard to treat everyone like a decent human being?

Everyone should read this once.

Pass on the whole of Twitter’s admiration actually.

I honestly don’t know that either.

I would love to see that.

I agree except the dabbing part.

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