10+ Times Snapchat Was More Than Just Fun And Games

Who doesn’t love using Snapchat? We all do, but there’s more to it.

Majority of the people today use Snapcha while eating, hanging out with friends or traveling, etc. People love uploading whatever they are doing and sharing it with people and their friend’s circle. However, there’s more to it than just uploading pictures and videos.

Here are few pictures we have gathered to sum it up for you.

#1 Snapchat can show the truth about your friends partying together while you’re all by yourself. Friendships will be broken.


#2 Err, that went worse than expected.

#3 Damn, the pup looks terrified…

#4 Damn, these gold digger bitches deserve this.

#5 His brother showing up in North Korea? He’s definitely on an undercover mission, and that’s a nice way to cover it.


#6 Come on, that’s disrespectful, but hey, that’s funny af!

#7 Damn bro, you need to sort out your face instead of telling Snapchat.

#8 That throwback while taking a dump is the best of all!

#9 That’s why aliens won’t talk to us!

#10 Didn’t know Snapchat is against relationships too.


#11 It’s not a glitch lady, Snapchat is the best spy you could hire to keep an eye on your boyfriend.

#12 Snapchat, what are you on about?

#13 That’s creepy af! I’d have thrown my phone away after seeing that!

#14 The ghost be like, damn check that out!

#15 Okay, this really fucked me up! The most horrible I’ve ever seen.


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