10 Times People Left Their Pets Alone, And Deeply Regretted It

We all have to do it sometimes – we have to leave the house for whatever reason, and our precious pets can’t come with us. Sometimes it is for the best, but other times it isn’t, as all of these owners found out when they got home and realised just how much fun their pets had been having while they were away. Is this their way of getting revenge for leaving them behind? Maybe – and unfortunately for their owners, revenge equals destruction.

Here, we have a list of the funniest and most surprising scenes of what can happen when pets are left for just a little too long. Take a scroll if you dare – you might never want to leave your dog or cat home alone after you see this.

#1. First, there’s this pooch who was just a bit hungry.



#2. This dog is all too happy with her work. Look at that smug smile!


#3. As is this dog, they clearly aren’t ashamed of themselves.


#4. It also isn’t just a dog thing. This cat doesn’t care for proper toilet care.


#5. This one doesn’t even care about being caught in the act. He’s still going!

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