10+ Reasons Why You Should Never Go Without A Helmet

Helmets save lives. Sure, feeling the wind in your face while you’re biking at 80mph can be the biggest thrill rush in the world. But is it really worth risking your life for? So much could go wrong.

One bad turn, one random animal, one harsh wind. And then you’ll be gone. It doesn’t even matter if you’re biking, cycling, or even at work! You ought to wear your helmet, because if you happened to be one of these people below and weren’t wearing one…

Your brain would be soup.

If you have a vivid imagination, I’d recommend you not scroll down. The things that could have happened to you if you were in their place without a helmet are just terrifying.

#1 Skid marks that burned through half the helmet


#2 Workplace accident that saved your life


#3 This person would be dead without their helmet


He hit the tree head first, and the front part of his face took the greatest impact. Luckily, there was no severe problems. His cheekbones weren’t crushed, they weren’t even bruised! His neck was slightly sprained, but his spine and teeth were both fine. If it wasn’t for this helmet, he would have easily died, and if not, be scarred for life.

#4 He fell face first onto the highway from his bike


#5 Helmet saved the life of the man who got hit by a car and flew into the windshield


#6 Police officer in Orlando got shot in the head and only survived because of the thick helmet


#7 Just… Just wear your helmets, guys


#8 If he wasn’t wearing this, his skull would have cracked


#9 Okay, this is a serious warning, but what’s wrong with his thumb?


#10 The burn and grind the helmet took definitely saved this person’s life.


#11 Skiing can be just as dangerous. I don’t know how this person survived


#12 This accident would have been lethal if it wasn’t for his protective gear


#13 While it doesn’t look as cool, neither is dying. So wear all your gear when you go skateboarding.


#14 The person crashed into a wall at 80km per hour


#15 The side of his head would be goo if he wasn’t wearing this


#16 He lost his bike when he hit the deer in the accident, but thankfully he still survived.


#17 Friend got hit by someone who ran a red, he wouldn’t have a lower jaw anymore if it wasn’t a full helmet


#18 Biker fell face first into concrete and the only reason it’s still together is because of that duct tape


#19 It’s pretty self explanatory at this point


#20 Because of the helmet, he went to the hospital. If it wasn’t for the protective gear, he’d have gone to the morgue


#21 It isn’t worth the thrill or rush


#22 Bullet survivor


#23 Bike accident


#24 More bike accidents


#25 He would have no face if he wasn’t wearing this



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