10 Puppies That Are Too Adorable To Be Real

Do you love puppies? Of course you do, nobody can resist the big eyes or floppy ears or just the overall fluffy cuteness of a tiny puppy. They are just too adorable to turn away from and when they grow up, they become your loyal best friend. What more could you want from a pet? Well… how about a whole day in which to celebrate them?

Yes, World Puppy Day is upon us and it is just too adorable for words! It’s the perfect time of year to celebrate these bundles of fluff and joy that make everyone so happy and that’s why, here at RearFront, we’ve created a list of some of the cutest puppies around. Scroll down to take a look and get ready to aww! Of course, these are only some of the best pups in the world, we couldn’t fit them all on or this list would never end…

#1. Firstly, there’s this little guy who’s just happy to see you.


#2. This little darling looks just like a teddy bear.


#3. And talking of bears… this one is a dinky bear cub!


#4. This puppy is small enough to find in a hat. How cute is that?!

Elizabeth the Corgi

#5. I personally want this puppy in my lap right now.


#6. This Alsatian puppy is just happy to be brought to work.


#7. This one just wants his dad to get up and play. “This trick should get him up in no time!”


#8. This puppy has found a comfy place for himself on the dashboard.


#9. And this one is also enjoying naptime in an usual place. Let’s just hope there isn’t an older dog who gets hungry…


#10. And lastly, this little one who’s well on the road to discovering the world, starting with this ladybug here.



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