10+ Hilarious AF Memes Jesus Ain’t Gonna Be Happy You Laughed At

  • By Asad Tipu
  • November 7, 2017
  • 3 minutes read

We all like a bit of inappropriate humor, don’t we?

It’s immature, it’s a little crass, and definitely isn’t something you can discuss with your parents. And the internet is full of jokes like that, it’s the second most prominent thing online, right behind a whole lotta memes. So if you’re bored of seeing Trump and Prime Minister Abe throw food at Koi fish, and need a bit of a sin streak, you’re in the right place.

#1 Over?

#2 Crap, me too.

#3 Competitive only.

#4 Pull the lever, Kronk.

#5 Exactly.

#6 Safe hunting!

#7 Wrong meme tag.

#8 Ultimate.

#9 Pretending.

#10 Please, grandma.

#11 Hakuna Clitada.

#12 Sounds like a lawyer.

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