10 Of The Happiest Dog Memes Ever That Will Make You Smile From Ear To Ear

If there is one thing to say about man’s best friend, it is this; dogs are the purest animals on this planet. Cats may be the most beloved animals on the internet but both on and off screen, dogs are always finding new ways to be just utterly adorable. There aren’t many memes that could be considered wholesome floating around the web, but if they have a dog in them, they are sure to be pure and sweet. To prove this, we have compiled a list of the cutest dog memes around to showcase that we haven’t gone barking mad. Get ready to make grabby hands; you are going to want all these dogs by the end of this. I know I do!

#1. First, there’s this great tribute to a great album (Wonder what his cover of Smells Like Teen Spirit is like.).



#2. Not even the airport staff could have the heart to break that, surely?



#3. This is the only serious photo I ever want to see.




#4. I’m not crying, you’re crying…



#5. I mean why would you call her cute, she woke up like that.



#6. Double the animal, double the cuteness (also I can’t get over how surprised he looks too).


#7. How pure is this? She just wants to help! Bet it also beats getting bitten.

Martin Studer

#8. She looks so amazed. “He’s real!!”


#9. They even bring out the best in other animals.


#10. Then finally, there’s this little piece of cute swagger (I’m jealous of the person who is going to get that stick).




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