See These Hilarious Texts Sent By Dads Everywhere

My dad can be very lame at times. Especially when it comes to texting. Dads think they’re being hillarious when, in reality, they’re just being boring and silly. But, there are times when dads can actually manage to be funny WHILE texting. Rare, but awesome.

Here, we have compiled some the most legendary texts sent by dads. Some of these jokes are so bad, that they’re actually good. They’ll make you want to dig your nails in your skin and laugh at the same time. Check out some of the funniest texts sent by dads here:


#1 Which End Of The Ruler?


#2 I’m Doing Lauren


#3 Love, Moth


#4 Get A Job.


#5 Laughing So Hard I Dropped My Taco And My Sombrero Fell Off


#6 Just Don’t Get Any Blood On Your Clothes


#7 Unhappy Father’s Day


#8 Why Are You Going?


#9 You Can’t Get Your Hand Pregnant


#10 I Want To Move Out

#11 Sorry, That Was Meant For Your Mother


#12 A Girlfriend That’s Not Crazy

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