Stories Of Lust, Heartache, And Loneliness Told Through Realistic And Relatable Drawings By Miranda.

Miranda is an experienced artist who has worked as a character and background designer for several years. She loves to express her soul through her realistic and relatable drawings. Whether it’s through humour or a serious emotion Miranda tries to reflect the intensity of it through her work.

She has no difficulty putting it all out on the canvas regardless of how embarrassing that thought or emotion might seem to some people. She thinks that being honest in her art kindles the right emotions in her audience, “I enjoy making people laugh, but I also think the more you’re willing to bare your soul, the more likely you are to evoke an emotion in your audience.”

Her favourite topics to draw are love, heartache, lust, and loneliness. Recently she has shared the realistic emotions and experience in her drawings on Bored Panda. We are sure that you would love the work as most of the time you will be saying “That totally happened to me.” Also the captions of these drawings done by her just adds a whole lot fun to this collection. Let’s take a look.

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#1 When Your Friend Is Drunk As Fuck And Being An Asshole But You Wanna See Where It Goes Because You’re An Asshole Too

#2 When You Swiftly Run To The Bathroom Only To Discover That Massive Load You Were About To Drop Is Actually 87% Fart

#3 When You Fall Asleep With Your Mouth Open

#4 When You Get Accused Of Something You Totally Did

#5 When You Win An Argument But You Don’t Wanna Rub It In His Face By Talking About It So You Just Look Like This For The Rest Of The Evening

#6 Netflix And No Chill

#7 When You Get In The Photo Booth With Your Friend

#8 When That Bitch Shows Up Wearing The Same Fucking Dress As You

#9 When Your Friend Says She’s Ready To Go Home But You Come Back From The Bathroom And She Has Another Margarita In Front Of Her

#10 When You Fall Asleep Texting Because Saying Goodnight Is Too Hard


#11 When The Rest Of The World Doesn’t Exist

#12 When You Were Having A Good Dream And Wake Up For No Reason

#13 Dinner Time

#14 When There’s One Person In Your Group Who Likes Drama More Than Everyone Else

#15 When Loneliness Arrives In Its Most Sadistic Form At Night

#16 When He Cries You A River For Breaking Up With Him But Has A New Girlfriend 20 Minutes Later

#17 When You Lose Track Of Time

#18 When There’s No Part Of You That Doesn’t Adore Him

#19 When You Can’t Sleep So You Re-read That Text From A Year Ago And It Bothers You Just As Much As It Did The First Time

#20 When You’re Searching For Something That Isn’t There


#21 When You’re Exhausted From A Day Full Of Overthinking


#22 When Looking At Him Is A Form Of Torture You Subject Yourself To Willingly

#23 When Your Crush Isn’t Paying Attention To You

#24 When Your Best Friend Asks If She Has Anything Stuck In Her Braces And She Basically Has The Entire Buffet In There

#25 When You’re Painfully In Love

#26 When You Have Inside Jokes

#27 When You Can’t Seem To Get Yourself Together.

#28 When You’re Trying To Listen To Your Friend Bitch About Her Problems But Some Really Dramatic Shit Happens On Your Favorite Show

#29 Too Difficult

#30 When You Get To The Part In The Song That Makes Your Heart Swell So Much That You Wrinkle Your Shirt Because You Couldn’t Clutch Your Heart

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