10+ Images Of Celebrity Doppelgangers!

Have you ever wondered if time travel exists? Have you ever looked at someone and got the feeling that they look like someone else? Well, we believe in doppelgangers and time travel. Yes, we probably sound crazy right now. But after you see this extraordinary visual proof, you are going to think otherwise.

Here you will see all sorts of celebrities, liked and disliked, go through entirely different eras. You’ll see Dexter (Michael C. Hall) in the Vintage times, Jay Z  casually hanging out in Harlem in 1939, Taylor Swift in the 80’s, and even Arya Stark as someone’s grandmother. Take a look at these images to find out the reality of some of these “mortal” celebrities.

#1 My Father On His Wedding in February 1961, looks exactly like Matt Damon

coffeeandtrout, Jon Furniss

Check out the smile, exactly the same!

#2 My Great Grandfather And Johnny Depp

mwjstone14 , Jeff Vespa

They both look pretty classy with the glasses, too.

#3 Daniel Radcliffe And Andy Samberg All The Way Back In The 70’s


The resemblance is uncanny!

#4 Eddie Murphy And This Gentleman

mattstopera , Jon Kopaloff

The moustache!


#5 Natalie Portman Looks Just Like My Friend At The Age Of 13



They even have similarly located moles on their faces. Wow.

#6 Here Is Steve Martin As My Friend’s Boyfriend’s Great Great Grandmother In The Victorian Era.


wehaveavisual , M. Von Holden

Even though their genders are opposite, they still look pretty much alike.

#7 My Father As Vintage Dexter (Michael C. Hall)

yeahmanprettymuch , Jenny Anderson

How is that even possible?

#8 Jay Z And This Random Man In Harlem In 1939

Dimitrios Kambouris , schomburgcenter

That is probably Jay Z in his past life.

#9 An Egyptian Actress, Zubaida Tharwat (1940 – 2016) And Jennifer Lawrence

Frederick M. Brown

They’re both equally beautiful, aren’t they?

 #10 Apparently, My Aunt Was Harry Potter.

W00dzy87 , harrypotter.wikia.com

Those round glasses.

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