10 Awesome Women we should be Celebrating this International Women’s Day

The world is full of incredible women, women who do great things every day to make the world a better place. From the inspiring women who lead nations and defy stereotypes to the women in our own lives, the mothers and grandmothers who shaped us and taught us all we know, they all deserve to be celebrated. That is what we celebrate every International Women’s Day every year on the 8th March- not only is it to promote gender equality and the issues surrounding women in the modern world but it also highlights the achievements of all women, from political to social to just being themselves.
So, for this International Women’s Day, we’re looking at 10 women both past and present who deserve to be recognised. Each in their own way, they changed the world we live in today for the better and made a real difference, proving just because we are the fairer sex, that doesn’t make us weaker. Scroll down to see just who made a list and if you think we’ve missed any amazing women out, leave them in the comments. The world always needs more strong female figureheads!


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