10+ Alarming Ways Your Body Is Telling You That You Have A Damaged Liver

A human body is quite amazing.

I mean it is always fighting against bacteria and the likes. While our body doesn’t always succeed, it sure does try. And even when we do get ill, our lifestyle is more to blame than our body.

And the most important organ (Except the heart) that keeps our body healthy is the liver. It is the largest organ that filters blood coming from our digestive tract. And if it is not working properly, chances are you’ll see many symptoms in the rest of your body.

Following are some of the symptoms that indicate a problem with your liver. You should definitely not ignore any of these.

#1 Any cramps or pain in your stomach is an early symptom that should be taken seriously.

#2 If you have a sudden loss of appetite, you might want to go to a doctor.

#3 You should always pay attention to your urine color as dark yellow or amber is never a good sign.

#4 If you see a change in your poop color, you might want to talk to a doctor.

#5 Sudden change in skin color is also quite alarming.

#6 Your eating and sleeping plan is great, but you still feel weak? Time to get your liver checked.

#7 Severely itchy skin is an early symptom of liver problems.

#8 If the liver is failing, it doesn’t produce enough bile causing digestive issues.

#9 The liver might be behind your feet and hands retaining fluid and becoming swollen.

#10 You might be suffering from internal bleeding leading to diarrhea and gastrointestinal bleeding.

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